Membership of the African Management Development Institutes’ Network (AMDIN) is open to all public African Management Development Institutes and Schools, and research institutions within the scope of Governance, Public Administration and Public Policy. Registration of membership is per institution rather than at a country level and is open to all institutions operating in a country.

The objective of AMDIN is to have all African Management Development Institutes (MDIs) and Public Administration Institutes (PAIs) become members of the Network. We therefore appeal to all African MDIs and PAIs to join AMDIN by informing the AMDIN secretariat of their wish to be members of the network and participate in its activities.

Benefits of membership

  • Access to a peer-based management development network active across all of Africa
  • AMDIN knowledge services, including website and newsletters
  • Free publicity for your courses and events on AMDIN and UNPAN web pages
  • Proceedings of AMDIN conferences and workshops
  • Participation in AMDIN activities at discounted rates or subsidised
  • Communities of practice
  • Study trips, placements and staff exchange
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other African MDIs and share resources and expertise
  • Research to strengthen African-specific understanding of public sector transformation
  • Advocacy for improvement in policy and operational environment of MDIs
  • Development of high-quality curricula on topics informed by African experience
  • Facilitation of discounts to members based on collective buying power
  • Sharpening the skills of trainers, researchers, consultants and administrators
  • Platforms and events where MDIs can deliberate on issues of mutual interest, including biennial conference and annual Heads of Institutions fora