The African Management Development Institutes’ Network (AMDIN) is a network of Management Development Institutes (MDIs), Public Sector Training Institutes (PSTIs) and other Public Administration Institutions (PAIs) based in Africa. The network was launched in 2005, and completed all legal formalities regarding its establishment in 2007.

AMDIN was conceived and created in an era in which the interdependence between development, quality of governance and public sector capacity became starkly obvious to the continental leadership, as well as international development partners. It is intended as a vehicle to build the capacity of those institutions responsible for developing public sector capacity across the continent.

The overall objective of AMDIN is to facilitate the optimal functioning of African MDIs, PSTIs and PAIs by:

  • advocating for a conducive policy environment
  • strengthening the collective capacity of MDIs through sharing of resources and exchange of knowledge
  • developing relevant skills of management, faculty and other employees

AMDIN accomplishes its objectives by:

  • Providing a platform for African MDIs to promote mutual partnership and collaboration with a view to developing leadership and management capacity to respond to the needs of African people and their governments.
  • Promoting cooperation and exchange among member institutions and between member institutions and institutions with similar purposes in other countries.
  • Encouraging curriculum development, innovation and exchange in management development and training.
  • Providing a forum for exchange on management development and the management and leadership of MDIs.
  • Providing supportive services to MDIs that would advance them as centres of excellence for management development.
  • Establishing appropriate standards for curricula and delivery of management development programmes.
  • Providing a framework for peer-review of the programmes and operations of MDIs.
  • Contributing towards strengthening the research, curriculum development and training capacities of MDIs.
  • Representing and lobbying to organisations and governments the objectives, needs and concerns of MDIs.
  • Advancing high standards of conduct in programme development, institutional management and programme delivery amongst MDIs.
  • Publishing and disseminating policy briefs, research results, journals and other knowledge products in furtherance of the objectives of AMDIN.