The network organisational form and capacity building purpose of African Management Development Institutes’ Network (AMDIN) requires that one has a broad interpretation of which organisations constitute part of the network.

  1. Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON)
  2. École Nationale d’ Administration et de Magistrature  (ENAM-Benin)
  3. École Nationale d’ Administration et de Magistrature  (ENAM- Ouaga-Burkina Faso)
  4. Ecole Nationale d’ Administration (ENA – Cote d’ Ivoire)
  5. Escola Nacional de Administração (ENA-Guine-Bissau)
  6. Ecole Nationale d’Administration et de Magistrature (ENAM Niger)
  7. Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA-Sénégal)
  8. Ethiopia Civil Service University
  9. Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA)
  10. Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM)
  11. Instituto Supeior de Administracao Publica (ISAP)
  12. Kenya School of Government (KSG)
  13. Lesotho Institute for Public Administration and Management (LIPAM)
  14. Management Development Institute (MDI-Gambia)
  15. National School of Government (NSG)
  16. Namibian Institute of Public Administration (NIPAM)
  17. Pan African Institute for Development (PAID)
  18. Rwanda Management Institute (RMI)
  19. Staff Development Institute (SDI)
  20. Uganda Management Institute (UMI)

Members in good standing

For purposes of network governance, for example institutions who can vote for, or be elected to the governance structures of AMDIN, the distinguishing criteria will be the payment of membership dues.


Participating Management Development Institutes (MDIs)

To view all MDIs who have participated in AMDIN events since its launch go to our links page