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Welcome to the website of the African Management Development Institutes' Network (AMDIN). AMDIN is a network of Management Development Institutes (MDIs), Public Sector Training Institutes (PSTIs) and other Public Administration Institutions (PAIs) based in Africa. The network was launched in 2005, and completed all legal formalities regarding its establishment in 2007.

The overall objective of AMDIN is to facilitate the optimal functioning of African MDIs, PSTIs and PAIs and to provide a collective platform for these institutions to engage with various stakeholder communities.

We welcome you to our website which provides a snapshot of AMDIN and we hope will increasingly serve as a preferred destination for those interested in contributing to the development of capacity of our African public administrators, managers, leaders and organisations.

2018 - A year for change for AMDIN. At the close of 2017, all of us in AMDIN were so excited. As AMDIN we had formally handed over the State of the Public Service in Africa Report to the African Union, held our Biannual General Meeting, where we adopted a new Constitution, elected a new leadership (including a Secretary-General), and began testing curriculum on the African Charter. Indeed AMDIN is on the move.

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