Dealing with Diverse Challenges on the African Continent: Covid-19 and Beyond
Thean Potgieter

The use of Systems Thinking for Housing Delivery in South Africa
Thomas Ramovha

Balancing Socio-Economic Drivers of Development in Uganda: Towards Good Economic Governance for Inclusive Development
Firimooni Rweere Banugire, Professor of Economics and Management

Political Economy of Elections and Voting Behaviour in Ghana’s Fourth Republic, 1992-2020
Gbensuglo Alidu Bukari, PhDpolitical economist and lecturer

Analysing the Implementation of the Water Supply and Sanitation Policy of 2008: A Case Study of the Onhimbu Informal Settlement, Outapi, Namibia
Gabriella Loteni Nguluwe and Charles Keyter

Inclusão da Pessoa Com Deficiência Nas Políticas Públicas de Emprego em Moçambique
Domingos Carlos BatoneConsultor, Investigador e Docente universitário

Facilitating Personal Development and Collaborative Action Learning: A Reflection on the Emerging Management Development Programme of the National School of Government
Milly Paile, Johnny M. Pietersen

When Reform Triggers Reform: An Examination of the Proposed (Public) University Governance Reforms in the Rwendeire Visitation Committee Report
Lazarus Nabaho and Juanita Fennell

Policing in Nigeria: A Socioeconomic, Ecological and Sociocultural Analysis of the Performance of the Nigerian Police Force
Tope Shola Akinyetun

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Notes on Selected New Books for Readers and Students on African Affairs
Thean Potgieter