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Project Description

The Africa Journal of Public Sector Development and Governance(AJPSDG) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, published by the African Management Development Institutes’ Network(AMDIN).

The journal investigates a broad spectrum of matters and issues related to governance, development, policy research and implementation, leadership and management in the public sector in Africa. These include discipline-based and inter-disciplinary research, with a focus on both theoretical and practical approaches and experiences relevant to development and governance in Africa

The journal publishes peer-reviewed research articles, discussion papers, policy papers, interviewswith eminent persons, and book eviews on major issues related to public sector development and governance in Africa.

The target audience of the journal is students, specialists, practitioners, specialists, consultants, politicians, policy makers, members of legislatures and those interested in African affairs

The First edition has been published in 2018andis available on the AMDIN website. A call for papers for the next edition has also been published

The African Management Development Institute’s Network (AMDIN) plays an active role in rebuilding African countries that were ravaged by conflicts and those that are emerging democracies through capacity development. It was formed to create a platform for the Management Development Institutes (MDIs)to articulate their collective voice and promote mutual partnerships, peer support and collaboration in developing leadership and management capacity to further the African stabilization and partnership agenda.

AMDIN decided to create a uniquejournal for Africa at which representatives of AMDIN, the African Union (AU) and UnitedNations Development Programme (UNDP) will participate. The EU, and NSG as the Secretariate to AMDIN, is supporting the development of the Journal given the unique niche that the journal is aiming to fill within the Continent.