Active Programmes and Projects

Training and Individual Capacity Development

African public sector training institutions face many common challenges. One of these being the capacity challenges within their own ranks. One of the mechanisms employed by AMDIN to address this is training of key categories of staff members in the MDIs, including trainers, curriculum development experts, researchers, consultants, policy advisors, training logistics managers and administrators, as well as the leadership of these institutions.

Collaboration between African MDIs

Spin-offs of the relationships formed through the network are bi-lateral (and sometimes multilateral) initiatives that develop between African MDIs. These collaborative interactions take different forms. They range from field visits by a staff member/ head of institution to another MDI or limited period faculty exchange prgrammes, to large capacity development and institution building initiatives such as that between The National School of Government and the MDIs of Rwanda, Burundi and Southern Sudan.

These kinds of initiatives draw on existing centres of strength or use exposure opportunity to enhance existing capacity, embracing the principle of peer-to-peer learning. Where requested AMDIN gets involved to assist with logistical and programming arrangements or provide advice.

South-South collaborative links are also facilitated. This has particularly paid off with the connection made between Brazil INAP and representatives of the Lusophone African MDIs.

Lobbying and Advocacy

AMDIN enhances the voice of MDIs at the global, continental and sub-regional level. It serves as a vehicle for lobbying continental structures, donors and other stakeholders on the critical challenges and opportunities faced by MDIs.

In order to keep the plight of the African MDIs on the continental agenda, AMDIN interacts with the Conference of African Ministers of Public/ Civil Service. Furthermore, AMDIN has actively participated in the launch of the African Public Sector Human Resource Managers' Network and will collaborate with this structure as part of its strategy to strengthen the human resource development lobby in the African public sector.

From time to time AMDIN undertakes research to improve its understanding of the operational and policy environments of the MDIs in the respective sub-regions. This research has already resulted in conference papers and presentations, publications in academic journals and presentations to key decision-making structures.

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